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WOXI von Frechenhausen
A+, AD, BH,Kkl 1(2013-2014), V(NBS)
Sire: Falon von der Weidenstrasse, A+, AD, BH, Kkl.1 for life, V(NBS)
Dam: Hayca von Frechenhausen, A+, AD, BH, G

Below her Breed Survey Report:
A markedly large,  medium strong,  exceptionally typical, very well pigmented bitch with a powerful head and very good expression. High wither, very good topline and a good length and lay of the croup. Good fore- and very good hind angulation, good chest proportions, correct in front. Correct going, the elbows must still firm slightly. She exhibits a spacious gait with powerful hind thrust and good forward reach. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced, dog releases.
At the National Breed Show 2012 she was awarded the tropy for excellent protection work.

Woxi: In Stance at Momenta Breed Show - Sunday, November 04, 2012 - Placed First
She was placed first by Dr Wolfgang Lauber (SV) a judge from Gernany.
Declared best locally bred  bitch  - Stunning girl!

Woxi: Awarded Trophy for Excellent Protection Work - NBS-2012

Woxi: Receives Trophy for Excellent Protection Work - NBS-2012

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Member of KUSA and retired from German Shepherd Dog Federation

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