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Various puppies over the last 3 months
with Dieter in his element, player, trainer, companion.


Dam: Akia von Frechenhausen
A+, AD, BH, V
Sire:  *Grad von der Weidenstrasse, Ao, AD, BH, SchH 1, Korkl for life, VA(SA)
Dam: Remza of Kinneret, A+, BH, G


Sire: *VOPO
von der Rieser Perle
Normal, BH, AD, IPO 1, Angekoert (2013-2014), V (NBS)
Sire: *Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt, Kkl. 1 for Life, BH, AD, VA (Germany), SchH 3
Dam: *Oduscha von der Rieser Perle, Angekoert (2009-2010), BH, AD, V, SchH 2

Mr MY Kazi, Pretoria, Cell phone: 083 786 0500
Breed Survey Report
Very large, expressive male with good proportions, very good pigmentation and a very good expression.
Very expressive, masculine head. High wither, the back is slightly roached.
The croup is well laid, but should be slight longer. Good fore- and under chest.
The upper arm should be longer and better laid. The hind quarters are very well angulated.
Correct in front. Correct coming and going. Very good hind thrust and good forward reach.
Falls slightly on the forehand. Drive, self-assurance and stress tolerance (TSB) pronounced; dog releases.

Two Weeks Old  - Sleeping, still their favourite pastime

Little boy. looking puzzled and lost.

Akia von Frechenhausen

*VOPO -First Show in South Africa

*VOPO - First Show in South Africa

*VOPO - In Germany - Ready to leave for  South Africa

Quincy with her new brood - 3 days old
Info and pictures of Quincy von Frechenhausen,
VK962, dob:17/05/2009, SA042588/9, A+, V, AD,BH, Korkl1 ('13-'14)
Mate: Paul vom Bierstadter Hof
Sire:*Graf v d Weidenstrasse,
Dam: Hayca v Frechenhausen

Quincy with her new brood - 3 days old

Quincy getting her Breed Survey

Quincy with Jean-Luc

Quincy, front, Hayca, her mum, left, Remza, Granny, right

NOTE: Litter born 6/01/2013:-
Quincy did not leave my side all day, trailing me like a shadow, slightly nudging me form time to time. Finally, after 2 pm, she sought out her cuddly whelping blanket. Just 20 past 3, the first little bundle appeared. Eagerly, she removed the sack, a very strong little babe appeared, a male, all of 620 gr. the 2 next male appeared fas, 20 min apart, but then, the long wait. 1 hour, 2 hours. I had already consulted the two previous whelping charts. every 20-30 min, one hour maximum once with each delivery, towards the end I started to panic, phoned Maren, my friend and advisor:
"Go for a cut she said, i left it too long!"
Now, to find somebody on a Saturday night.!
I did succeed in the end!
After a 3 hour pause, the next 4 little ones tumbled into my waiting hands. One lovely male, unfortunately, did not make it!
I will rely on Maren, to select me a super future stud dog, since my lovely Arie-Enzo is getting old. He only dreams of making babies now.

Dam: Cleo v Frechenhausen & Sire: Jango von Grehenheim

Jango von Grehenheim

Cleo surprised us by having  7 healthy  babies, instead of just 2, as predicted by the scan @ 4 weeks ,
Since this is her last litter, (and thanks for being such an amazing, protective mum all these years!), I am so pleased with her unexpected show of abundance.

This is also Jango first litter to be born! Does he know, he is a proud farther.? Six strapping sons, one lovely daughter.

Cleo and Babies  - 4 days old

Update: 8/07/2012
 10 days old now, still sleeping around the clock!

Orion v Frechenhausen & Cole of Scharyleigh

Orion is the daughter of Stunning *Graf von der Weidenstrasse, who is now in Kenia, wowing all those fine ladies, leaving his special mark on the  Breed there. Orion is a big, powerful girl, very protective of her brood!. When buyers come, she needs to be locked away!. For the rest, a loving, loyal dog.
Update: 17/06/2012
A huge litter, 12 expected, but only 9 made it. But lovely, healthy little babies they are.


Orion and Friends

Cole is the son of *Merlin vom Haus Dexel and *Xavi van de Mauritshoek.
He is still young and finishing his training with Marc Odendaal

Update: 17/06/2012
A huge litter, 12 expected, but only 9 made it. But lovely, healthy little babies they are.

Update 27/07/'12 -  Orion's Pups

Update: 3 August
Very lively, inquisitive, at 6 weeks of age!
2 females left
Lovely hiding place, under the Wisteria roots!!

Dam: Fume von der Weidenstrasse      Sire: *Walko von der Weidenstrasse

*Walko von der Weidenstrasse
 A+, AD, BH, Angekoert (2013-2014) Pronounced  V (NBS)

Fume resides with my son, Gernot, Birgit, his wife, and the 3 adoring (of the babies) children. Hands off at the moment!
 The biggest litter she has yet had! 8 healthy little squirmy babies, it will be exciting to see how they develop in the next few weeks.

Fume - Protective of her babies

Fume wondering - where are my children!

Update: Fume's Babies - nearly 3 weeks old
One long coat girl, real fluffy - still available.

Update: 1 August, nearly 7 weeks old
Giving Birgit, the other mum!, grey hairs. But, they delight the children, who give them the strangest names!
Dare we make it legal, on the final day, when the tattooing takes place on the 15 August?
A few pups still available

Dam: *Zohla v Frechenhausen     Sire:Cole of Sharyleigh

Zohla - amongst the blooms

Stephen with Cole

Zohla - Busy whelping

  6 strong, healthy babies, easy birth, at least, she made it look like that!
Zohla is strong and loves protection work!
When her pups are somewhat bigger, and she allows me to handle them,
without her carefully removing them from MY loving grasp, I will take some snaps and update this page.

Zohla - nursing babies - nearly 6 weeks old

Waiting for Supper

Have a bite - Shoes are yummis !!

6 1/2 weeks - Enjoying the day

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